Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Gifts, our thanks...

We are so thankful for the many friends and loved ones who shared in our happy day together. Seven years down the line, we are still very happy together and I create this blog in honor of our anniversary this year. Indeed many present in that event have even passed on to the next life and we are happy to have been able to share that precious moment and memory with those who have gone ahead.

Below are some of the cards we've received affixed to the many, many gifts that have been given to us. Once again, our sincerest thanks and gratitude.

I actually brought many of these gifts with me to the UAE and a lot are still "alive" and being used, up to this day!

Bouquet and garter

I turned around to throw my huge sunflower bouquet and who caught it? Well the floor at first but my maid of honor, Grace Suede picked it up. I guess I didn't gauge how heavy the bouquet was and how far away the single ladies were standing...Oh well better luck next time.

Oliver threw the garter at his cousin, Toto (Rolando Eliserio, Jr.) but seeing as Grace caught the bouquet, Toto gave the garter to my brother Alvin (Alfred Vincent Villaruel) as he and Grace are 'the pair'.

Cut the cake, free the birds, drink the wine!

Eating cake and exchanging cake is an old tradition that signifies fertility and a marraige blessed by many children. Well our cake was decorated with yellow and white flowers and ribbons and was mostly white outside, but was chocolate-y inside...We had fun doing the poses for the video and pictures, by this time, the stress of the "I do's" have gone and replaced by silly candid poses:

Yes, let's have our cake photo now...

...aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnddd CUT! That's a wrap! (sorry, it's a 3 tiered cake)

This is how it sounds like, when the doves fly....

Hang on a minute, have we kissed? Oh yes, we have!


The guest list, is below and pictures further down this page...enjoy!

Pictures of the PVH ballroom, as Obey and I rounded the tables and chatted with our family and friends:

The Alvarez table, my sister-in-law and her sister, my nephews and neices

Obey and I seated our high school barkadas together...so the Babebies meets the Bugoys...hahahaha

Nanay Conching held court with some of her grandchildren and Mrs. Ines Juni, the lady who made my wedding dress.

The Menu

The Philippine Village Hotel had several very nice choices for the spread but we chose one where we both agreed would be the best option for our guests...note here that many family members have quite bizarre as well as particular tastes for food, and we had to be sure everyone has something to munch on...we even ordered a separate dish for the groom's youngest brother who, at that time, was into his fried chicken phase - meaning he only ate fried chicken, period. Overall feedback was that food was good and that there was more. We did invite and expect about 100 - 120 guests but due to the distance, weather and other reasons (last minute invitees), they were unable to come.

The Menu...yum!

The Buffet...bon appettit!

Kainan na!

The wedding started a little after 9:00 am and it took about an hour and a half for everything. So when we finally got back to the Philippine Village Hotel for the luncheon-reception, it was just the right time to begin lunch!

We didn't prepare any program but the PVH kindly donated the services of their pianist. Impromptu host was Byron Cosio who was then the boyfriend of my sister-in-law K Eliserio. Bro. Johnny Casiendo officiated the prayer before the event. Both maid of honor and best man gave improptu speeches which came out more natural and heart-felt...in fact with some very funny moments! One of our secondary sponsors and cousin of the groom, Kristine D. Zembrano sang our favorite wedding song. We decided not to dance because we're embarrassed that people, especially our ninongs and ninangs would pin money on us; something we both felt isn't right and quite opportunistic of wedding ceremonies, if I may add...so we've foregone these traditions and just stuck to good food, chats everywhere and making sure everyone is happy.

Parents had an elevated special place like the couple and the primary sponsors and were served by the waiters. Father of the groom complained he wasn't able to eat what he wanted as he was given a little of everything but he would have wanted to eat only those choices he liked! Oh well, for next time...

Spouses of our primary sponsors also joined them in their special table.

Weddings are family events

Much as we wanted to share our wedding day with all of our friends, this event was indeed dominated by family who can be called to attend at the last minute. Friends are harder to track down :-( so apologies to the many friends we've missed to invite. Here's the newlywed (at that time) pose with the bride's family:

...And once again, this time with the groom's family:

Once more for posterity, Obey and Anne:

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